Core Subject Resources




PBS Kids

Here you will find classic shows like Arthur, games, videos, printouts, and so much more! They even have a parent website with additional lessons and activities spanning several subjects.

Into the Book

This is a great site for reading strategies. It covers ideas such as making connections, inferring, and summarizing. They offer a list of books for each category they cover.

Math Game Time

Math Game Time is exactly what it sounds like. They have games for PreK up to 7th grade. Their games cover several different math concepts.

Storyline Online

Storyline Online offers thousands of books being read by our favorite Screen Actor Guild actors. Don't have a book you have projects for? Check here to find someone reading it!




Shmoop offers a wide range of study guides, test prep, and essay help. In addition, there is a large college prep section and career quiz.


Whyville teaches students about science, art history, civics, economics, and journalism, while encouraging self expression. Whyville is also a place to connect with classmates.

Writing Fix

Writing Fix offers a place for young writers to home their skills. There are free prompts, workshops, and lessons.

Scholastic Learn at Home

This is a unique math game created specifically for middle schoolers. Students make their way through a labyrinth by solving math puzzles.



Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers mostly math resources but they have added other resources recently. They break down activities by both grade level and by concept.

Fun Brain

This is another great math resource. It breaks everything down by grade. It even features a playground for PreK and Kindergarten students.

National Geographic Kids

NatGeo Kids is a great resource for some hands on learning. They have many science experiments to try at home, along with puzzle and memory games.

Scholastic Learn at Home

Scholastic has created an amazing site for distant learning. They have weekly activities for grads K-9 and so much more!



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