Special Education Support


Autism Spectrum Resources


The Autism Community in Action has a page with resources for everyone in the family. They also cover topics like safety and budgeting.


AFIRM created a huge toolbox to help parents teach at home. It breaks down 7 support strategies with activities and helpful tools for each.


Learning Disabilities Support


IXL combines curriculum, a Continuous Diagnostic, individual guidance, and real-time analytics to help teachers differentiate instruction for each of their students. IXL has over 7,000 skills covering to support public school or homeschooled learners with a range of needs, abilities, and grade levels.

Help Guide

Help Guide offers advice for helping children with learning disabilities at home and at school. Learning disabilities affect how a child understands, processes, and responds to new information. By better understanding your child’s challenges, you can help them succeed in school and in life.


Speech and Language Support

Mommy Speech Therapy

Mommy Speech Therapy is a blog started by a speech therapist/mother. She offers many printable and downloadable activities and practice sheets.

Speech and Language Kids

Speech and Language Kids offers a ton of resources, games, flashcards, and more! This website is created by a speech therapist to help parents and professional find answer.



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