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Quandry Game

Quandry is a free, nonprofit game that aims to complement the great work you’ve already done to strengthen the moral compass of the child in your life by building their critical thinking, perspective-take, empathy and decision-making skills.

PBS Kids

Young children feel many emotions that they might not be able to name yet. And naming emotions is important — it’s the first step toward being able to manage big feelings. Help your child learn about different emotions with these simple activities.

Teach Heart

CIT Squad: Case of the Sick Puppy is an educational adventure game created by HEART (Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers) and developed in partnership with 3C Institute for children aged 8-12.

As Cora, Kazu, and Casey - the CIT Squad (Compassionate Investigators in Training) - investigate humane issues around the world, they learn important ways to protect people, animals, and our environment.


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